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28 Feb, 2024

Troubleshooting Convert Rules Import Issue: Entity 'workflow' with ID Does Not Exist error in D365

Posted on 28 Feb, 2024 by Lokesh Nagilla, Posted in Dynamics 365 Customer Service Dataverse Power Platform Dynamics-365 Sales Dynamics 365 Blog

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Troubleshooting Convert Rules Import Issue: Entity 'workflow' with ID Does Not Exist error in D365

Problem Statement

We implemented D365 Customer Service for one of our clients which heavily relied on Automatic Record Creation (ARC) rules. So, there were enhancements to ARC from time to time to cater to the client’s need. It was an ordinary day, we made changes to ARC in developer’s environment and were importing it into UAT. Suddenly, it ran into an error saying, “Convert Rules import: FAILURE: Entity 'workflow' With Id = 79ce76a4-700a-ee11-8f6e-002248d5d96d Does Not Exist”.


From what we gathered from the error message; we thought there might be a flow/workflow missing in the solution. But that was not the case, as the components in the solution were immaculate. Then we scrutinized the solution.xml file and tried looking for the missing workflow with the id provided in error message. But that workflow was nowhere to be found.

By this time, we had already given up and turned to our last resort and our companion in tough times Microsoft support. Even after several to and fro communications, support was unable to provide us with the reason for the issue.

For temporary resolution, we had to directly make those changes to ARC(Automatic Record Creation) rule in the target environment. And after some time, the issue completely vanished.

Root Cause

At the time of writing this blog, we faced another issue related to ARC which was very critical. The ARCs and their respective flows were automatically turned off. It was chaos, we had turned them on immediately, but the damage was done already. The reason was still unknown.

We had sought help from Microsoft support then confirmed that it is a known issue, and the reason was astonishing. This was the response from support.

There is an ongoing rollout that should address this suspected issue. When a solution import is happening, a new callback is created to support the arc rule. It will delete the existing one and create a new one from the backend. However, at times their call for creation happens before deleting, resulting ultimately in one that is off.

Deactivating and reactivating is the only current fix for these scenarios sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

You must be wondering why I am explaining another issue in this section. Let me explain, we donned our Sherlock hats and started connecting dots, as you can see from the response when an ARC solution import is happening at that time it deletes the existing one and creates a new one.

Due to this reason, we were facing the above issue which said workflow with specific id was not found.


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