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15 Oct, 2020

File Data Type of CDS with Power Automate

Posted on 15 Oct, 2020 by Admin, Posted in Dynamics 365 Power Platform Dynamics-365 Sales

File Data Type of CDS with Power Automate Blogs

File Data Type of CDS with Power Automate


In this blog, we are going to see the details about the new addon added by the Microsoft in CDS.

During fields creation on CDS entities. We saw the below types:

So, in this blog we have explored the use of file data type field using power automate.

Before we see the example of file type field. Let see the few details about file and Image data type.

File and Image Type

  1. File: This type of field help user to upload the attachment of any type on a record.
  2. Image: This type of field help user to upload only image type of attachment.

After adding both fields on form, below UI will appears for above fields types.

Note: In both fields type user can upload only one attachment.


In the below example we have uploaded the attachment using file type field into the SharePoint using power automate.

Steps Details

  1. Step 1: In this step we have added trigger point as update of account entity and proceed only when the custom File type field value gets updates.
  2. Step 2: In this step we have used the below CDS action to get the field value of Custom File type field.

The “Get File or Image content” action of CDS, help us to get the content of respective types of fields.

  1. Step 3: In this step we have created a folder under SharePoint site for account entity as shown below:

  1. Step 4: In the final step, we used the data retrieve in Step 2 to create record in SharePoint.

After uploading the attachment corresponding record gets created on SharePoint as shown below:



Note: Just for demonstration purpose we have not added any kind validation in power automate


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