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12 Oct, 2020

Adaptation, Employee Recognition, and Happy Clients: Sharing our Lockdown Learnings!

Posted on 12 Oct, 2020 by Admin, Posted in Nebulaa Leadership

Adaptation, Employee Recognition, and Happy Clients: Sharing our Lockdown Learnings! Blogs

Adaptation, Employee Recognition, and Happy Clients: Sharing our Lockdown Learnings!

The year 2020 has turned our dining tables into 8-to-5 desks, while living room has become the new conference space. Although, we’ve adapted ourselves considerably to this ‘new normal’, things are now looking better and brighter.

With the announcement about re-opening of offices, we know it does not mean getting back to the old days. It also means that our team lunches, meetings in the conference room, brainstorming sessions and the humdrum that kept us going, will not be the same again. But life is all about embracing the silver lining, isn’t it?

Our team took the entire lockdown very positively and ensured that they are engaged in learning new skills and they had our full support.

After six months of work from home and given the enthusiasm to experience the old vibes, we’ve resumed office – twice a week, by following all the safety protocols such as sanitization, wearing masks, and thermal scanning.

The lockdown phase has definitely been a wonderful experience for us and our team!

Distant, Yet Connected

For us, the health of our team is of paramount importance, and hence we started working from home even before the official lockdown was announced. We took the necessary steps to make sure our team is ready to fit into the new working policy, with the greatest conviction. For the same, we built a framework to ensure all our employees and operations are in tune.

While working from home, our employees’ psychological and emotional stability was our priority, for which virtual team engagement came to the rescue. We reserved our Mondays for the catch-up call, while Wonderful Wednesdays were spent sharing videos that enlivened our mood, motivation and focus. It helped us discover ourselves better. The Freaky Fridays involved fun activities, where the team indulged in de-stressing games.

Career Progression and Growth

Yes, it is difficult to think about career progression in a global pandemic. However, we at Nebulaa believe in finding our way around in any situation. We also organized two quarterly training sessions wherein employees were taught client communication etiquettes and time management to keep up with current industry trends. This further helped increase their productivity and guess what it resulted in? Development of our own product.

We couldn’t have been more proud of them!

In addition, we arranged HR-employee virtual meets, encouraging employee feedback and experience with Nebulaa, to help us improve further.

Rewards and Recognitions

We are grateful for our employees for their dedication and hard work and to boost their morale and appreciate their dedication, implementing employee recognition was not a luxury, but call of duty.

Changes in the work culture, stalled projects and slashed budgets didn’t have an impact on our commitments. Before the official lockdown, we had announced ‘rising star activity’ under our recognition and rewards program, and with our team’s support we were able to successfully achieve it.

We are also working on a gratifying commitment we made to the team – the bi-annual appraisal that is due later this month.

Happy Clients and Successful Projects

We are thankful for our clients who managed to work with us when the world was going through an economic turmoil. And our team left no stone unturned, ensuring customer delight by delivering more than promised – and that’s how we successfully delivered four projects during the lockdown.

The last few months have helped us focus more on numerous business strategies for future growth and development, two of which includes – branding and marketing.

Future Plans

Travelling to work is a bit chaotic at the moment and our team’s safety, security and financial stability tops our priority list. Our employees will be asked to re-join the office full-time, only after travelling is completely safe and secure.

Even though we’re all stuck at home with festivals around the corner – all our Diwali, Christmas and New Year celebrations are in place. We’re all going to dress up and show up! How? By sharing happy pictures, exchanging good vibes, sending amazing gifts to the team and clients, and lots more…virtually!

Stay Calm. Stay Safe.

With the pandemic not going away anytime soon, we are not sure what the future beholds. Until then, let’s stay calm, follow safety protocols, perform our best and most importantly, stay fit.


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