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18 Jun, 2024

How to create and manage Customer Service Schedule in D365 CE

Posted on 18 Jun, 2024 by Mihir Khot, Posted in Dynamics 365 Customer Service


What is Holiday schedules in customer service?

In Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can manage schedules by creating and configuring holiday schedules within the Service Management settings. This ensures that any cases or service requests received on holidays are correctly accounted for, and the response times are adjusted accordingly. For example, If your service organization promises to reply to emails within two business days, you can create a holiday schedule and add it to your service calendar. This way, if a customer emails on a holiday, your SLA will reflect that the holiday doesn't count towards the response time.


Required security role: Customer Service Manager, System Administrator, System Customizer, or equivalent permissions at the user level only

Create a holiday schedule 

  1. Go to Calendar --> Holiday calendar. Click on Manage.

  1. Select New and in the Create Holiday Schedule dialog box, enter a name and description for the holiday, and then select Create

  2. Here in the Add Holiday dialog box, specify the Name, Start Date, End Date, and Duration of the holiday, and then select OK

  3. After creating a Holiday Schedule, create a Customer Service Schedule from the Customer Service Calendar section, and then select Manage

  4. To create a customer service schedule, select New. And enter a meaningful name for the schedule, give specific description and then select Create.

  5. For work hours, after selecting "Are the same each day," choose the days of the week that customer support will be available. Select the checkbox for each day that customer support will be available and working. For the holiday schedule, select "Observe" to specify when your service organization will be closed.

  6. Select Set Work Hours, specify work hours and click on ok.

  7. Select Save and Customer Service Schedule is created. Once the Customer Service Schedule is integrated, we update the required SLA to reflect the impact of holidays on service commitments. This may include adjusting response times and resolution targets to account for altered operating hours during holidays.

    A customer service schedule outlines the operating hours and holiday closures of a service team, includes regular business hours and designated holidays when the team is unavailable. It ensures SLAs accurately reflect the organization's availability, preventing any impact on service commitments due to holidays.


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