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06 Jun, 2020

How to add PowerApp to Microsoft Teams

Posted on 06 Jun, 2020 by Admin, Posted in Microsoft Teams Power Apps

How to add PowerApp to Microsoft Teams Blogs

How to add PowerApp to Microsoft Teams


In this blog, we will add PowerApp to Microsoft Teams. The PowerApp will be an app to launch a chat bot created using Power Virtual Agent.

How to build the bot?

  1. For that go to this link: and click on Start Free.
  2. Create a new bot once you are logged in to the Power Virtual Agents preview. Provide the Bot name and bot’s environment as shown.
  3. You can customize the greeting by going to Customize Greeting.
  4. You can edit the messages as per your liking and Save once you are done.
  5. Check your new messages by Greeting the bot once again.
  6. Now next step is to go and Publish the bot. You can do that by going to Publish and Click on Publish.
  7. You can view your bot by going to demo website. You can do that by clicking on demo website link available below publish Button.

Create a Canvas App to launch the Bot

  1. Navigate to Power Apps and create a canvas app.
  2. Add a button to the app. Here in my case I have added “Chat with Bot” button.
  3. OnSelect write Launch (“your demo website link”)
  4. You can find the link by:
    • Navigating to Power Virtual Agent site.
    • Click on channels under Manage tab.
    • Copy link from “Share Your Website” on Demo Website.

How to Add App to Microsoft Teams?

  1. Login to your Microsoft Teams.
  2. Go to the Teams channel or chat where you want to add the PowerApps and click on (+) icon.
  3. Search PowerApps and select it.
  4. Select your App and click Save.
  5. Now you will able to see the tab under your channel.
  6. This way you can add any app you want to your Microsoft Teams.


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