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29 Feb, 2024

Email Storage Made Easy: Dynamics 365 Storage Saving Tips

Posted on 29 Feb, 2024 by Lokesh Nagilla, Posted in Dynamics 365 Field Service Dynamics 365 Marketing Dynamics 365 Customer Service Dataverse Dynamics-365 Sales Dynamics 365

Email Storage Made Easy: Dynamics 365 Space Saving Tips Blogs

Email Storage Made Easy: Dynamics 365 Storage Saving Tips


Microsoft's latest feature allows you to migrate email descriptions from CRM to Azure Blob Storage, reducing database storage pressure. By default, emails older than 12 months are migrated, but here's the kicker - you can now decide which emails get moved!

Customizing the 'DaysBeforeEmailDescriptionIsMigrated' Setting

This setting defines the number of days before we migrate email descriptions to blob.

Steps to Update:

  1. Download the "OrgDBOrgSettings" tool from this link. This tool grants access to specific options and configurations in Dynamics.


  1. After deploying the tool in your Dynamics instance, navigate to Solutions and search for "OrganizationSettingsEditor."



  1. Open the solution, and a new window will appear, providing access to the settings that can be edited.



  1. Modify the "DaysBeforeEmailDescriptionIsMigrated" parameter.


          Change the "DaysBeforeEmailDescriptionIsMigrated" value as you desire. It takes values in days.



Quick Tip: If you want to know which emails are migrated, try looking for emails which contains value in this field “descriptionblobid”.

Hope you find this helpful!!


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