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26 Jul, 2023

Troubleshooting Storage Capacity: Why Sales Insights Disabling Doesn't Free Up Space

Posted on 26 Jul, 2023 by Vaishali Vyas, Posted in Dataverse Dynamics 365 Blog


Increase in storage space due to Sales Insights.

We had installed Sales Insights just for demo purposes, and we observed that our storage capacity got increased because of that.

However, even after uninstalling Sales Insights, our storage capacity remained unchanged.

We also had difficulties locating and uninstalling the related solution.

In some cases, these solutions may not be visible in the Solutions UI. This article aims to provide a step-by-step guide to help you locate and uninstall the necessary solutions, even if they are not visible in UI.

Tables with names ending in "-Analytics" typically store data related to predictive insights and/or analytics dashboards.

We need to remove the following four solutions:

  1. 'SalesInsightsMDLConfig'
  2. 'msdyn_connectiongraph'
  3. 'SalesInsightsAddOn'
  4. 'msdynce_RelationshipAssistantAddOn'

In this example, we will uninstall the ‘'SalesInsightsMDLConfig'  solution.

Step 1: Accessing the Environment:

To begin, log into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment using your credentials.

Step 2: Obtaining the Solution ID:

In a separate browser tab, enter the following URL, replacing {orgURL} with your organization's URL:

{orgURL}/api/data/v9.0/solutions?$select=solutionid&$filter=uniquename eq 'SalesInsightsMDLConfig'

This API call will retrieve the Solution ID for the solution you need to uninstall. Make note of this Solution ID.

Step 3: Uninstalling the Solutions:

Now that you have the Solution ID, follow the steps below to uninstall the relevant solutions:

A. Open your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment.

B. Open the Developer Tools by pressing the Key F12.

C. Copy and paste the following script into the Developer Tools console:

In the script, replace `` with the actual Solution ID you obtained earlier.

After pasting the script and replacing the Solution ID, execute the script.

 Xrm.WebApi.deleteRecord("solution", "").then(
    function success(result) {
        console.log("Solution deleted");
        // perform operations on record deletion
    function (error) {
        // handle error conditions


By following the steps outlined in this article, you should be able to locate and uninstall Sales Insights-related solutions that may not be visible in the Solutions UI. This process can help reduce the storage capacity of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance.


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