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16 Mar, 2021

Nebulaa Turns One!

Posted on 16 Mar, 2021 by Admin, Posted in Nebulaa Leadership

Nebulaa Turns One! Blogs

Nebulaa Turns One!

Today we celebrate a breakthrough for Nebulaa: our first anniversary! What an incredible moment to reflect on. The first year has been filled with amazing moments and accomplishments – from progressing towards our goals despite the pandemic to getting new projects onboard. The past one year has transformed every aspect of a normal life. We are glad, Nebulaa has thrived and how!

Every day, every small step and every small achievement has been worth celebrating. Although we have been offering services since last 4 years, it was on this day, a year ago, we converted the partnership firm Nebula to an incorporated organization with name Nebulaa and embarked on our journey towards offering all Microsoft cloud services under one roof to SMB organizations. Our goal has always been to add value to our client’s business and make them efficient to focus on their core business. This one year has been a period of growth with several trails, shortcomings, and learnings.

Achievements So Far!
Completing a year is an event to celebrate for an organization. Today, we would like to share a bit of perspective on what we have achieved in the past one year:

  1. Signed new projects with the help of technology enhancements.
  2. With the help of our dedicated employees and clients we achieved our annual target despite the pandemic.
  3. Did appraisals of our employees even while working remotely.
  4. Welcomed new members to the team for better functionality.

Our Goals Before We Turn 2!
And we are all set to see what 2021 has in store for us. We understand it is difficult to gauge success without clear goals, so we have created relevant and achievable business goals that will take the new year by storm. Here are our 5 major goals for the upcoming year:

  1. To achieve big dreams, we need to first take many small steps along the way. And to begin with, our first goal is to double the employee strength.
  2. Growing a successful company requires a focused team. Our team’s productivity matters for us and so does their engagement. Our plan is to conduct fun employee engagement initiatives like quarterly team lunch, annual corporate outing, and a lot more! We also plan to host interactive events to announce spot awards under employee recognition and rewards initiatives. We are sure this will deliver compounded benefits and an energetic spark to the team.
  3. Dynamics 365, our customer engagement services across different verticals, that helps organizations to efficiently track, manage and deliver project-based services will soon be used to automate 80 per cent of our operations. This will further help us to focus on other areas of the business.
  4. We started with Dynamics 365 Business Applications project, and extended our technology towards other areas of Dynamics 365 (like Business Central and F&O), Power Platform etc. We will keep extending our areas of expertise through technology expansion and be always aligned with our vision of serving all the technology solutions to the clients under one roof.
  5. Today’s ever-changing face of businesses requires deeper knowledge, on-time delivery and error-free service. To tackle on-job challenges and enhance our skill set and knowledge, our plan is to organise corporate technical training for our clients and their employees. Our expertise and experience will further help to improve performance of their employees and increase results in the workplace.

This one year has been quite a ride with a rewarding experience. It has been a year of great relationships, and we plan to strengthen them even further. We are excited to look forward and help our employees reach individual goals and help SMB organizations to transform their business operations with our excellent service.


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