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15 Mar, 2022

How to Trigger Plugin when Opportunity is won?

Posted on 15 Mar, 2022 by Admin, Posted in Dynamics 365 Dynamics-365 Sales

How to Trigger Plugin when Opportunity is won? Blogs

How to Trigger Plugin when Opportunity is won?


Recently, we had a requirement to update a field on opportunity record whenever an opportunity was closed as won.

My first thought was that it was pretty straightforward and registered the plugin using this step:

  • Message – Update
  • Primary Entity – opportunity

But it did not fire the plugin when opportunity was closed as won, and I was thinking why?


After a bit of research I found that I instead needed to use the following:

  • Message – Win
  • Primary Entity – opportunity

But this does not return opportunity as “Target” as you might think, it actually returns “Status” and “OpportunityClose” .

OpportunityClose contains the information listed on the form displayed when you try to Win/Lose an Opportunity, CRM stores this as a separate entity.

As you can see we can get opportunintyid from the entity.

We can use it retrieve the opportunity record and perform desired operation on it.


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